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Canaan Avalon 841 (Used)

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The Canaan Avalon 841 miner is currently the most efficient Bitcoin miner Canaan has released to date. Powered by 104 A3210HP 16nm ASICs, the Canaan Avalon 841 delivers a minimum hashrate of 13+ Terahash at a nominal 1290Watts.

  • Minimum: 13.6 TH/s (RTHS) Maximum: 14.3 TH/s (RTHS)
  • Power Consumption 1,200 watts
  • One of the most power efficient miners on the market
  • This product contains: 1 x AvalonMiner 841, 1 x AUC3 Cable.
  • Click Here for Warranty information

Part Number / SKU: BLO-AVMI-841000-USED

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The Avalon 841 is an 8th generation SHA-256 miner from the creators of the first ASIC based Bitcoin Miner. Powered by 104 A3210HP 16nm ASICs, the 841 delivers a minimum hashrate of 13+ Terahash at a nominal 1290Watts. Designed, built, and tested to last, the 841 comes with a 2 year limited warranty. Not that you’ll need it, since Canaan products consistently have a 99% reliability over a 2 year period.

The 841 supports SHA-256 mining and can be used to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash or any SHA-256 based proof of work cryptocurrency

This product contains:

1 X AvalonMiner 841

1 X AUC3 Cable.

Products required to operate:

 1 X Power Supply (Canaan Sorcerer or Bitmain APW3++ or the Bitmain APW7)

1 X AUC3 USB Converter (controls up to 5 Avalon Miners.)

1 X Avalon Controller (includes AUC3 USB Converter) or Blokforge Controller (does not include AUC3 USB  Converter for those that have one) (either controls up to 20 Avalon Miners)

Terms and conditions:
Due to market fluctuations all sales are final, please review terms and conditions for our returns policy.

For orders over 1000 units please contact us directly.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 13.4 × 6.6 × 5.3 in

Minimum: 13.0 TH/s (RTHS)
Maximum: 14.3 TH/s (RTHS)

Power Consumption

1290W, +0% ~ +20% @13TH/s, 25°C, 93% PSU Efficiency, 12V AC, Wall-Plug

Power Efficiency


Network Connection

Through AUC3 + AUC3 I2c to AvalonMiner Controller


AvalonMiner Controller


Each AUC3 may daisy-chain connect up to 5 devices

Operating Temperature

-5℃ ~ 30℃

Air-intake Temperature

-5℃ ~ 30℃


Cooling is provided by 1 fan operating at a maximum 6000RPM. Our unique Airforming heatsinks reduce the need for multiple fans.


The 841 is rated to operate at or below 65dB

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