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How To Purchase

How to order from

1: New product information, release and or restock dates will be sent out via our email newsletter first and then announced on our social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

No information will be given out prior to the release of the newsletter.


Sign up option is available at the bottom of every webpage.

2: Inventory will be added to the website at the date and time we set with an estimated ship date.
Actual ship date may be before or after estimated date by 5-7 days.
If that will not work for you, please refrain from ordering.

3: Orders are ONLY processed through the website on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE No orders will be taken over the phone or through email
4: The “waitlist” is not a reservation list to reserve your miner or spot in line. When applying for the wait list you are essentially on a list to get direct notifications for when the inventory is updated on the website for that particular product.  When an order is cancelled or payment time expires, it will automatically add inventory back to the website and will notify people on the waitlist. If you visit the site and it shows out of stock after receiving notification then they have already sold out, you may sign up for the waitlist again.

5: Payment methods accepted will be BTC, LTC, BCH and bank transfer. Credit card and paypal are also available for customers in the United States only.

6: If payment information is not inputted correctly with a matching billing and shipping address or is declined for any reason, buyer has 200 minutes to pay for the order before it expires and returns to our inventory. Once this happens you will NOT be entitled to the order.  You will have to wait for inventory to be returned to our website and order through the website again.
7: Once the order is successful it will show “processing” until item is shipped.

8: Shipment tracking will be uploaded and sent once available.
9: Please do not send us any funds without having a confirmed order thinking that will guarantee any units. If we do receive funds without an order we will have to process a return of funds with any fees being deducted for having to do so.
10: Any questions or concerns regarding an order placed must sent though our Contact Us form page.