Amp Draw Calculator Explained! Why you need one before setting up your mining operation.

This past week I was tasked with creating a simple calculator for determining Voltage, Wattage, Amps, Ohms for (Amp Draw Calculator can be found here). So, I created the calculator and made the page on BlokForge only to ask myself the next day “How will our visitors benefit from this shiny new tool?” If they can benefit from it, how will they know they can? This led me to begin writing the short article to depict a real-life example of why this tool matters to you the miner.

Here’s a picture of our simple new Amp Draw Calculator


Short and to the point: Here’s a Real-World Example of why our Amp Draw Calculator can save you time and effort!


So before setting up a mining operation you need to know a few key factors in order to not run into a major brick wall when it comes to making sure you can provide enough juice to your mining equipment. First and foremost is what kind of power are your outlets producing 110V or 220V. These are the most common here in the USA, so I am using these for our example. Second you need to know how many AMPs your circuit can handle. Let’s say you are running Canaan Avalon 841 miners with a power consumption of 1290W and have 220V from the wall and 50 AMP breaker available. How do you know how many miners you can setup without overloading the circuit?


It’s really simple actually you just need to take the power consumption of the miner and place into the first box “Watts”

As seen above 1290W has been entered into the calculator. Now keep in mind you need at least 2 values entered for the calculator to do its job.

Next we need to enter in the Voltage from the wall. For our example we are using 220V as seen below.

Third we need to press calculate in order to  generate the missing 2 fields we need to determine how many Avalon 841 Miners can be run on this circuit.

Our end result looks like this. The key value we need from here is amps. We show 5.86 amps per miner at 220V.

Now for some simple math: How many times can 5.86 go into 50? The answer is 8 times. Meaning we can fit up to 8 Avalon 841 Miners on a 220V 50Amp circuit, Easy right?

This will wrap up the example of real world use for our shiny new power calculator. Happy Mining!