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The Abyss digital distribution platform is gearing up for its Token Sale. The team behind the project aims to allow gamers and game developers to have a mutually beneficial cooperation, in which both sides get to earn from their efforts. Players will be rewarded for playing games and being active with their friends and the community. While developers will get to enjoy marketing benefits, payments for in-game items, and referral benefits.

The gaming industry is growing at an alarming pace. Massive marketing expenses are necessary in order for developers to draw attention to their games. Developers have to spend more time on market shilling than game development. With The Abyss platform, that’s about to change.

The platform will provide developers with promotional and analytical tools, so that they can cough up less cash for ads, earning more at the same time.

Platform Referral System
Players and users will be able to refer other people to the platform and have new users play games, generate content, unlock achievements, and help the community grow. In exchange for rewards, which span over 5 levels.

Developers will be able to monetize their target audience through their games being played, as well as in-game payments. The Abyss is going to allocate about a third of funds to help to build the rewards pool for developers and the user base.

The referral program is split up into different levels. Players and Developers receive most benefits from referrals whom they invited to the platform directly, let’s call this the first level. First level rewards for platform use are 40%, second level and third levels (friends of friends) get 20%, fourth and fifth referral levels provide for 10% rewards.

Helpful Platform Tools
The platform also provides all of the needed analytical and metric tools needed for the video game industry. Tools and info like MAU, ROI, ARPU, LTV, and others.

All stages of user behavior (from traffic sources to in-game actions) will be fixated and calculated, so that developers can easily optimize their sales funnels, reduce expenses, and increase profits by redistributing advertising channels and increasing user value.
Developers won’t have to worry about monitoring and recording traffic, user behavior, as everything will be calculated on the platform. This will allow game developers to boost sales, decrease expenses, and increase the value of their games.

Internal CPA Network
Game developers will be able to sell excess traffic to others, buy it, or even utilize a lead network. Players can also sell traffic to developers through the internal CPA Network and its functionality. Developers can also utilize basic marketing tools like website banner ads, e-mail announcements, etc.

What Developers Can Draw From The Platform
For their efforts, developers will be compensated in fiat currencies or ABYSS tokens. They can also select what currency they receive and in which proportion for each transaction. Funds can be withdrawn instantly at the first request.

The platform will allow game developers to launch their games in alfa & beta versions, utilize crowdfunding for development purpose, and take advantage of the platform’s effective promo tools.

Developers will be able to use the The Abyss reward bank to retain players using achievements and take advantage of support services, and platform analytics tools around the clock.

Why Players Will Love The Abyss
Players will get to enjoy big pool of games and reap benefits and rewards for taking part in building The Abyss community. Earn by completing assignments for developers, generating content, in-game activities, and helping friends.

The platform also offers a lot of functionality such as good privacy settings, app hibernation, screen caps, video recording, customizable client settings, and LAN support.

Players can also get linked up with syndicates (Masternodes). Imagine playing and profiting together. The Abyss supports joint activity and community building, the reward bank ensures great rewards.

ABYSS Tokens Use Within The Platform
Players can use both, fiats and ABYSS tokens to make in-game purchases. ABYSS tokens are needed to power the syndicate system, rewards for user content, fund transfers, internal CPA Network, referral rewards program and in-game auction. The need for token use on the platform will drive up demand and price.

ABYSS Token Sale
1 ETH = 2500 ABYSS (ETH and BTC are acceptable)
SOFT CAP = 10 000 ETH

Nov 29, 2017 – Dec 1, 2017.
Minimum contribution – 5 ETH
Pre-Sale Bonus: +25%

Dec 12, 2017 – Jan 24, 2018.
Minimum contribution – 0,1 ETH
Bonuses during Token Sale (Dec 12 – Jan 24):
Day 1: +15%
Days 2-4: +10%
Days 5-20: +5%

Players who buy tokens during the Pre-sale and main Token Sale will be provided with a platform bonus that spans over 5 years, bonus rewards for new players will be increased.

Every payment from:
5 ETH will provide +50% for the 1st level of referral program (my friends)
25 ETH will provide +50% for all other referral levels (friends of my friends, and so on)

Every payment from:
20 ETH will provide +50% for the 1st referral level
100 ETH will provide +50% for all other referral levels

In order for the bonus to kick into effect, a special code must be used when registering on The Abyss platform. The special code can only be used once.

To find out more, visit The Abyss website: https://www.theabyss.com
Check out the Whitepaper: https://www.theabyss.com/static/docs/theabyss-whitepaper-en.pdf
Or contact the team: [email protected]

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