A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites


Bitcoin is a new and intriguing protocol that people can analyze and research every single day. There’s also a lot of data sites filled with charts that give individuals information on the Bitcoin network. Further beyond basic chart sites, there are web portals that show data visualizations of things like node counts, network transactions and so much more. In this editorial, we will discuss a variety of cryptocurrency monitoring websites that give a unique perspective of the innovative technologies that are transforming our world.

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This week we’ve reviewed a slew of visualization websites that we think our readers will enjoy. These web portals not only offer in-depth data collected from various cryptocurrency ecosystems, but also provide a refreshing perspective of these protocols in action. Some of the information these sites collect include cryptocurrency market capitalizations, trade volumes, node maps, live transactions and more.

Market Capitalization and Volume


The website Cryptomaps.org is a “market-state visualization” tool that shows the relationship between different cryptocurrencies by the size of their market capitalizations and trade volumes. The page shows each coin represented by squares and rectangles with the largest market caps and volumes being the biggest shapes. Cryptomaps is an interesting perspective of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem’s valuations and exchange rates.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

Visualizing and Listening to Transactions


Bitbonkers is a unique website that shows the Bitcoin blockchain’s blocks and transactions with balls and squares that fall from the sky. Giant 3D squares represent recently mined blocks, while various sized 3D spheres represent transactions. A big purple ball is 1000 BTC, blue spheres are 100-1000, and smaller balls represent transactions down to 1 BTC. The website also records the current amount of BTC falling and the biggest transactions.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

The Real-time Bitcoin Globe

The website blocks.wizb.it features a real-time bitcoin globe that shows blocks and transactions on the bitcoin blockchain all around the world. The model of the earth spins as transactions and blocks take place in countries like China, the U.S., Europe and more. Users can zoom in on the earth toggling blocks and transactions alongside seeing data detailing which mining pool mined the most recent block. The site’s 3D model of the earth comprises an interesting visualization of the bitcoin economy, but watching it spin can make you feel dizzy as well.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites


Have you ever felt like you wanted to listen to bitcoin transactions happening in real-time? Well, with Bitlisten, now you can. Not only is Bitlisten a bitcoin transaction visualization website but users can also listen to the sweet harmonic melodies of the Bitcoin blockchain. When you enter the site, there are small little bubbles representing bitcoin transactions and each bubble makes a unique sound. The sound is kind of like tapping a crystal glass, and when a lot of transactions happen at once, it sounds kind of interesting. You can also change the pitch of each sound made when transactions broadcast across the network.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

The Garden of Nodes

Bitnodes Network Map

There are a lot of node sites that account for the number of nodes in the Bitcoin network. One of them is Bitnodes a website that has a revolving network map of all the reachable full nodes on earth. At press time there are 9560 reachable nodes within the Bitcoin network according to Bitnodes visualization. The revolving map allows users to take a network snapshot and see network information about each reachable node’s status.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

A Look Cryptocurrency Cloning History

Map of Coins

Map of Coins is an interesting website that displays the history behind the various altcoins in existence through a tree-like representation. For instance, you can go to the “BTC Map” and get a large visualization of all the altcoins that were copied from the Bitcoin protocol. Further, the website gives a visual representation of coins that were not copied from the BTC code like Cryptonote coins, Ripple, and NXT alongside a list of clones produced off those specific protocols.

A Glimpse at Six Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites Visualization Websites Give Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts a Different View

The cryptocurrency universe is growing very large, and these are just a few of the interesting websites capturing a snapshot of blockchain technology. As the ecosystem continues to grow there’s bound to be a lot more sites showcasing the technology from a different view.

What do you think about these blockchain visualization websites? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Map of Coins, Bitnodes, Bitlisten, Bitbonkers, Cryptomaps, and the Real-time Bitcoin Globe.

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